Another Day

I had a great day today with my bestie and her 2 daughters.

But every day feels like just another day without you. I cant stop thinking about how desperate I am to hear your voice and honestly, I was stupidly jealous hat Kristi got a Facebook video from you when I’m the one dying to hear your voice. I’m exhausted and short on words but I just want to be with my best friend again. Life isn’t easy but without you it’s so much harder. Marriage is honestly so great, I love every second of it even when I don’t and I’m mad and I feel like I could hate you or even when you hurt me. But in the end I love it all the same. I can’t tell you but I’m losing it without you I just want you back home. Distance has never been so hard for us but talking for 10 minutes once every 2 days really isn’t working for me.


Author: kalasaurus

I am 22, married to an Army soldier, in school, currently working and a mother of 2 precious pups.

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