Bared to You

My first blog post is going to be short, it’s all that is on my mind tonight however it is also what encouraged me to start writing a blog. Reading increases my desire to write as it stimulates my brain and encourages me to think about things that I wouldn’t normally think of day to day. That being said:

The first book of a series mailed to me by my charming mother-in-law. Its a little raunchy and sex driven but the craziest part is that the sex scenes don’t make me as horny as the words he says to her. Calling her angel, complimenting her body, ensuring that he could never get enough of her, his appetite could never be appeased. Those words and ideas get my gears going more than anything.

Isn’t that what most of us women want? To be craved, yearned for and needed, not just wanted. Like if they don’t taste us then they might just die, they can’t get through the day without thinking of us in a favorite outfit and go a little crazy.

Sex to me isn’t just taking our clothes off and making out, those words and that attitude and that emotional and physical lust is what makes me horny.

Then we get to the nitty gritty dirty sloppy sex part haha

To be needed, to be wanted, dreamt of, admired, and to feel like I’m the only woman he has ever craved so desperately, like every woman before me is incomparable to the goddess of a woman that I am. These are the things I crave. Maybe its vain, maybe its insecure, maybe is desperate. But to me, it’s definitely sexy.